Permanent Recruitments

Our Permanent sourcing model is designed to provide our customers on time & quick hiring to keep their business running successfully.

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Global Hiring

Global Hiring is about finding the right candidates for the right opportunities across multiple cities and globally.

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Contract Staffing

The ability of agile workforce allows an organization to adapt rapidly to fluctuating business demands, yet run efficiently during muted periods.

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CXO Search

We are strategically positioned to attract C-level caliber candidates with the right talent and skill set in highly specialized industries.

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BPO Services

Our plug & play call center OR outsourcing other administrative services typically helps customers in getting financial benefits, having flexibility & competitive advantage.

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Global Mobility Services

Our one stop solution for all your mobility needs. Be it travel, employment visas, medical insurance, local compliance etc. We help you & your employees adapt & settle in foreign location with ease.

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Payroll Services

Systematic payroll management is critical for the overall, smooth functioning of the business. Our Payroll Services offer a complete and an integrated solution for all the payroll needs.

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Managed Services

As a managed service provider, we can improve efficiency, reliability, security,
and maintenance -- all while lowering costs and freeing up our customer resources to work on 
more strategic projects.

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India Deputation Services

In a big boost by the government, India climbed another 23 points in the World Bank’s ease of doing business index.

More and more foreign companies are setting up their office in India. We help such companies to depute their foreign talent in India who comes on assignment for certain duration of time.

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Service Par Excellence

Agile Rays is a global workforce solutions & services provider with its customers across industries. In short, we can find right talent which others can’t find and provide the best services with excellent support and integrity.

But that’s not all we do – we offer a wide range of services to our customers around the globe. We work as a partner with our customers by understanding them and providing them with the solution & services in the best interest of our client’s needs, meaning they receive the services that works for them

Whether it’s a one-off permanent placement, or delivering a fully staffed Managed Service project across globe, Agile Rays can find the right fit to help your business achieve its goals.

At Agile Rays we take pride on committing to deliver the best solution to our customers.


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