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In today’s economic landscape, a temporary workforce has become an integral part of every organization.  The ability of agile workforce allows an organization to adapt rapidly to fluctuating business demands, yet run efficiently during muted periods.

The process of identifying, attracting and placing temporary contract agency workers efficiently within any company has become a key priority, which can fuel organisational growth and performance.  Our expertise and capability has led us to operate within a diverse candidate pool, which enables swift and proficient placements of temporary agency workers within a wide spectrum of industry sectors.

Our team will only shortlist contract employees who are fully capable and available to work with an organization on contractual assignments. All candidates are interviewed and reference-checked by us before they are put as a contractors in front the customers, which means less time interviewing candidates who are unsuitable for the project in question.

In case of global assignments our Global Mobility Team will ensure a smooth transition of work as well as managing all of the travel, visa, work permit, insurance and other demands are met prior to the contractor’s deployment. Our Global Mobility Team will provide a full mobilisation service for contractors and will stay in regular contact with our contracted staff throughout the duration of the project, right through to redeployment.


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